St. Andrew’s Welcomes Choir Director

From Rev. Joyce…

Today is a day of welcome and saying goodbye…

We have the wonderful opportunity to welcome Nancy Wallace as the Choir Director for St. Andrew’s. Nancy comes to us with a background as a teacher, musician, and theologian. Recently retired from teaching, Nancy applied for the position of choir director as a next step in her journey of growth in learning, leading, and faith. We give thanks to God for bringing her to us and look forward to Nancy’s leadership as part of our weekly worship and special services.

Today we also say goodbye to Sean Kim. Sean has been offered the position of Music Director at St. Paul’s Anglican Church. For the time being, Sean has been granted a three-month leave of absence as pieces fall into place for both St. Paul’s and St. Andrew’s, but this is a wonderful opportunity for Sean. If all things go as is hoped at St. Paul’s, then Sean will continue on there.

Furthermore, with Sean’s leave we will say goodbye to Dawn Kim who has done much to revitalize our nursery school program. We give thanks for the way in which the Kim family embraced our congregation as their own, participating in the life and work of the church. We will also miss the sounds and sight of three little boys in our midst who have brought smiles to many with their energy and joy. We pray for God’s blessing upon Sean, Dawn and their children as they transition to a new congregation.

We ask also for God’s blessing for Nancy and this congregation as we continue in our work and worship as St. Andrew’s, a church that seeks to honour and glorify God in all we do. Amen.