Dress code
There just isn’t one, so you can feel comfortable in casual or more formal attire if you prefer.

Kids and babies
Babies and other kids are welcome at St. Andrew’s where infants and very young children with their caregivers can enjoy quiet activities provided in the sanctuary. Older kids start off in church and after a short “chat” time with the minister, can join the church school. Of course if you or they are more comfortable remaining in church they are most welcome – fidgeting not a problem. An usher or office attendant can help answer questions and provide directions.

The large sanctuary provides plenty of seating on both the main level and the balcony. There are two stairways to the balcony, situated at the rear of the main level. The balcony is open from September to June.

The quarter-sawn oak pews are beautiful but can be an issue for some. For increased comfort you can pick up a seat cushion from the top of the coat racks. If you have any questions, just ask one of the friendly ushers.

Booking the facility
The beautiful sanctuary and various halls and rooms are frequent locations for weddings, concerts, funerals, receptions, recitals and meetings. To enquire about policies, approval process, timelines and fees, please contact the church office.

On Sundays parking is free in the church lot, other lots adjoining the church and on Brodie Street. On weekdays parking in the lot is monitored by the city parking authority and requires a pass issued by the church.