Special News from Mission and Outreach

Your Mission & Outreach committee has been planning ways to engage with our larger community during the pandemic. Here are a couple of opportunities for caring.

Food bank drive until Oct. 31

As prices continue to grow, many families and singles are having to make some terrible choices;  buy food or pay the heating bill, purchase a warm winter coat for going to school or pay some of the rent owing. Terrible choices indeed, and many will be looking to the Food Bank to at least put a solid meal on the table.

Mission and Outreach is holding a Food Bank Drive ending on October 31, with the goal of helping to restock the Miles St. Food Bank shelves. All donations of non-perishables can be dropped off at the church until October 31st. Baby food, pasta, sauce, canned tuna/salmon, pork and beans, Kraft Dinner, peanut butter ... are some of the well received items! Thank you!

Yes, Christmas is coming!

Christmas may seem like a long way off but not really. We want you to consider, as in past years, generously supporting: Elizabeth Fry Society, the two women’s shelters, Faye Peterson and Beendigen, and the Children’s Aid Society. It is very simple this year; if you could please write a cheque to St Andrew’s (memo Mission and Outreach; this will be added to your year end tax receipt), or provide a food gift card, or cash. No items or merchandise can be collected/donated this year due to COVID. Thank you!